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December 16, 2004



Bumping around in the back of a cluttered mind are the words "Behold I am doing a new thing." Joseph is about to be apart of a new thing and like many of us needs to hear do not be afraid. New things, new ways of being and doing can be scary. I am not that far into this new adventure in my life, being a pastor, that I still need to hear do not be afraid as I step into the pulpit to preach, or enter the room of sick neighbor.

Bill Uetricht

What strikes me about our first and gospel lessons is the way in which "Immanuel, God with us" is both promise and threat. Brueggemann says that the call for us who experience this type of "Immanuel" is to be dazzled. I find country music star Darryl Worley's most recent song "Awful, Beautiful Life" a wonderful commentary on what it means to be dazzled by Immanuel in the midst of real, every day life.

john mc connellogue

as a child i lived in what i could only explain as a haunted house.A place where an evil, vile, corrupt being resided, it taunted and played with my young mind. At the time i did`nt understand what was going on but through the darkness of evil and fear now and then i`d see a light, feel a helping hand.I felt compeled to pray to god praying the our father, the light got brighter and stronger through time warding off the darkness.But it was hard and just when i was at my weakest about to give up i heard a voice, calming and still it said to me, JOHN DO NOT BE AFRAID.I was filled with an overwelming sence of love, peace and knowing,as these feelings filled me i fell to sleep just about hearing the voice saying remember this is not a dream.That was about thirty years ago, i`ve been looking for an explaination ever since. I`ve always felt different since then like im suppose to pass on a message, what i don`t know.I found your page by chance and read the words do not be afraid are the words of an angel i cryed, it took me so long to confirm that i was truly privliged on that night I feel i`ve wasted a moment ignored the honer and it`s meaning, please can you advise.

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